Welcome to Stickify

Your logo is the face of your brand. Behind it, your community thrives with a message about who you are and what you stand for. We want to help you get that message out there.

As modern brands evolve and company logos become simpler and more memorable, we want to leverage the power of these logos and make them go viral within the community you’ve built, and ultimately, beyond your community.

With a creative tick and urge for massive publicity, we want to create a decal for your brand, inspired by your logo, that anyone would feel confident in representing.

But of course, you may already have the perfect logo with massive potential, one that people already willingly represent. In that case, it’s even easier for you to execute on gaining massive attention, and we’d love to help.

Each of our decals receives personal attention in production, and we make sure that we’re producing the highest quality possible. To increase the lifespan, we slightly round the corners of each design in a way that you would only notice if you looked very closely. This prevents sharp corners from peeling up over time, and also makes them more user-friendly.

So Why decals? Other than a great aesthetic with modern logos, the quality of your brand is established in any media you use to market it. Our decals have a longer lifespan than normal stickers, and there’s no ugly box or background surrounding your design. We take pride in helping brands that value quality. We believe that the creativity and appeal of a decal is more effective with the right logos than stickers. And they’re more fun to use, anyways.

Manufactured by Stickify in Santa Cruz, CA, we stand by or word in quality and will give you your money back if you’re not satisfied. Try us out!

Just a Few of Our Clients

Keller Williams Realty

Cabrillo College

Boys and girls clubs

Xandra Swimwear

Pegasus racing

Santa Cruz Boardroom

Santa Cruz Apparel

Santa Cruz Power Fitness

Santa Cruz Strength

The Cookie Co. 831

Small Sample of Client Projects