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Your source for custom vinyl decals. Here at Stickify, we value quality of lifestyle. Whatever your unique community or culture, we want to help spread your cause to the world, one decal at a time.

Unlike regular stickers, our decals are simple, single colored logo designs with no border or background, and have a greater aesthetic appeal. Our high quality vinyl is weather resistant, and will remain without cracking or fading for 8 to 10 years outdoors.

Decals are best applied in heat.

To apply your sticky logo, simply remove the decal with the clear tape from the paper backing, And place it on any clean, smooth surface. Some of our clients in colder areas have claimed that they’ve used a blowdryer or waved a lighter over the surface before peeling off the tape for optimal bonding. Firmly rub down the colored sections of your decal with your fingernail, a quarter, or a credit card, Then Peel off the clear tape from a corner--- we found it best to peel at a 180-degree angle.

What remains is the colored vinyl, in the shape of your design! Depending on your brand structure, you may choose to give them out, while many of our clients choose to sell them for a profit. Getting paid to promote your brand sounds awesome!

With a variety of color options including metallic gold and transparent matte, Stickify surely has the resources for you to convey your message in the right way.

We provide FREE design preparation, and free samples with your order. We understand that applying the decal can be difficult in general for some people at first. Instead of calculating the cost of your decal by yourself using a size chart like most sites, we’ve done the work for you. To order, upload your design, select your size, quantity and color, and we will have your decals to your place as quickly as possible.”

Just a Few of Our Clients

Keller Williams Realty

Cabrillo College

Boys and girls clubs

Xandra Swimwear

Pegasus racing

Santa Cruz Boardroom

Santa Cruz Apparel

Santa Cruz Power Fitness

Santa Cruz Strength

The Cookie Co. 831

Client Projects