Transfer Stickers, Pack of 10

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Stickify's vinyl transfer stickers are an awesome and durable option for customizing your ride, laptop, board, binder, or anywhere you can slap a sticker! Our decals come in packs of 10 and are the most economical vinyl transfers on the market with one of the lowest minimums you're going to find. To create your very own Stickify vinyl transfer, select your size, color, and quantity, then click on the "Customize It!" button above (this feature is under construction and will return soon).


Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pieces. The pricing you see is for 10 individual vinyl decals!


Clean your surface so no dust, dirt, or residue is visible.

Remove the decal from the paper backing

Place on any smooth surface

Rub the colored part down with fingernails, a quarter, or your credit card

Pull off the clear transfer tape at a 180 degree angle

Recommended for optimal bonding:

  • Apply in heat or in direct sunlight
  • Before removing the clear transfer tape from the decal: Heat the decal with a blowdryer or lightly wave a match or lighter over the vinyl
  • If the transfer tape does not separate from the vinyl, the surface is too cold.


If the clear tape does not come apart from the colored decal, it is too cold. Leave it overnight or use a blowdryer to strengthen the bond.